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Friday, May 4, 2007

There's Nothing Special About an Israeli and an Iranian Being Friends

Here's the deal; there's nothing special about my friendship with Shab (Shabnam). Sure she's Iranian and I'm Israeli but we met at a yoga class. We talk about girl stuff, our husbands, work, motherhood and even more often, food and diet. I never befriended an Iranian I befriended Shab ( and then her husband ). I'm not ignorant and I'm sure I'm just as much of a bigot as the next person, but I never cared that Shab is Iranian.

I didn't have an opinion about Iranians before I met Shab and her husband. They're both very impressive people. I know that their families left Iran after the Islamic revolution and that brings another topic to my mind. It seems that people who have had to flea their country and rebuild their lives elsewhere are naturally very resourceful and smart. So I'm a bit prejudiced about Iranians now.